Brauerei Josef Greif

brewery with cases

Serlbacher Straße 10
91301 Forchheim
Tel: 09191-727920

Opening times:
Monday & Wednesday 9:00 to 21:00
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9:00 to 14:00
Friday 9:00 to 23:00

Closed Sunday

Forchheim Station 1.3 km

Output: 10000 HL

Founded in 1848, the photo below was the original location on the same road as both Neder and Hebendanz on Sattlertorstraße. It ceased brewing in 1953 and moved to a larger location just north of the old town center. This location remained a pub and was surely where I tried the Greif beers on my first visit in 2003. It was a simple one-room boozer much like Neder and Hebendanz. This was before I had a Smarthphone and Google Maps and with the signage, it was an honest mistake given the location of the other brewpubs.

the old location of Greif  & the still gravity-dispensed Hell at new location

I finally made it to the newer location just on the edge of town. It’s only about 1 km and you pass Eichhorn on the way so worth heading there to drink Greif beer at the source. They only have their Hell on tap but it’s gravity dispensed and seems what everyone there drinks. I opted for the bottled Weihnachtsfestbier since I’m not sure if I’ll get back there in winter again. It was quite good even if sadly not on tap. I guess I’ll have to return to try the Hell since it’s still properly served there.

interior of “new” Greif & their Weihnachtsfestbier

I got back to Greif a month later with the express mission of having their Hell and it was a real eye-opener, quite hoppy with a clean bitter finish. I also sampled the new Greifla Schwarz and it was lovely. I’d read about their Dunkle Weisse winning a gold medal so had that as well.

Greil Hell, Dunkel Weisse and new arrival Greifla Schwarz

A few bottles I picked up when staying in Forchheim recently, their tasty Edel-Pils and surprisingly good Alkoholfrie Hell. I also managed to pick up a bottle of their excellent Bock.

three tasty pick-ups

Beers: gravity dispensed Greif Hell plus a large selection of bottles: Greif Edel Pils, Greif Radler, Greif Capitulare, Greif Lager, Greif Leicht, Greif alkoholfrei Hell, Greif Weizen Hell, Greif Dunkle Weisse, Greif Bernsteinweizen, Greif Weizen Leicht, Greif Schlöbberla, Greif Zwickl, Greifla Schwarz.

Beer calendar:
Anna Festbier from the middle of June to the middle of August
Greif Bock from the middle or end of October, while it lasts
Weihnachtsfestbier from the middle of November to the middle of January
Greif-Keller opens the end of April
Altstadtfest is the last weekend of June
Annafest from the Saturday before July 26th

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