Greif Hell

yellow beer in mug
Greif Hell

Brewery: Greif
white, dense
malty, some grain
full-bodied, a bit over carbonated as just tapped
underlying grain element but hops up front, strong malt backbone
Finish: clean, bitter

Served: gravity dispensed at the brewery

Impression: On my previous visit, I wanted to have one of their seasonals despite it not being tap. I wasn’t in the mood for a Helles but on having a look around when paying, I noticed it was from gravity dispense so knew I’d be back. I hadn’t planned on it being a month later but I did know what I was going to have. It’s a great looking beer and quite hoppy for the style. The finish was clean, dry and bitter. It was what everyone was drinking and I could see why. I quite enjoyed it despite it not being my go-to style in cold weather. I‘ll definitely be sure to have it again come summer.

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