bayreuth becher bräu exterior
St. Nikolausstraße 25
95445 Bayreuth
Tel: 0921-68993

Bayreuth Station 2.6 km/limited bus service

Opening hours:
Monday to Wednesday from 14:00
Thursday to Sunday from 10

Output: 1000 HL

Founded in 1781, Becher-Bräu is the oldest brewery in Bayreuth and remains perhaps the most like its original self of the once proud legion of breweries in a town now more famous for the Richard Wagner Festival. Sadly, it’s probably less visited than the more commercial breweries and even those that no longer brew but put airs on that they do. This is due to its location, a bit on the outskirts of town. It’s well worth the 2.5 km walk even if there’s not anything else to see out there aside from the brewing vessels.

On our first visit, we enjoyed both the food and beer despite the circumstances. It was a cool night and we’d arrived a little later than hoped for. Even though we were staying next to Brauerei Maisel, we’d made the effort to go to Becher-Bräu as we only had the one night in town. The restaurant inside was packed and there was no chance of a seat but we decided to sit outside as we’d come a long way and we weren’t the only ones out there despite the dropping temperatures.

Kalterbraten & Schweinebraten with Baggers

We started with a couple of the unfiltered Pils and it was quite good so we were excited to have a Dunkles as it was the beer we’d come for.  When our food came, the waitress explained the Dunkles was only available in bottles so I got one. It was great and my wife wanted one of her own but on asking for it, the waitress said the one I’d just drunk was the last one.  Needless to say, we were a bit disappointed.
The Kalterbraten (cold roast pork) plate and Schweinebraten (roast pork) with Baggers (potato pancakes) were quite good.

the empty interior & brewing kettles through the windows

We finally got back on a sunny day when we stopped for lunch on our way back to Munich from Saxony. It was glorious and this time around the interior was empty. We sat outside and were happy to hear the Dunkles was on tap. I had a very nice roast duck and my wife had Roulade, a meal she is quite picky with. Both were excellent as was the Dunkles. It was so good, it warranted getting a six to go.

a great roast duck & finally the Dunkles on tap!

I didn’t have time to resample the Kräusen Pils but the food was so good, it’s likely we won’t wait as long for our third visit.

two fine Bocks to tide me over

Unfortunately, due to COVID we have been unable to return but I did spot their lovely Josefi Bock in a bottle shop. Can’t wait to have it on tap one day! A few months later, I ran across their Weizen Bock and while not up to the Josefi Bock. it’s still quite nice. Back at the same shop, I picked up their Stadtbier.

some beery treats on my recent winter visit

I finally got a chance to return to Becher Bräu in January 2022. I went back specifically to try their Bock but also resampled their Kräusen Pils and two new for me brews: their Vollbier and bottled Winter Festbier. Every was quite good but I wasn’t able to eat as I’d had a huge lunch at their sister pub Manns Bräu.

a lovely lunch stop

Beers: Original or Vollbier, Kräusen Pils, Mann’s Dunkel on tap.

Beer calendar:
Josefi Bock during Lent
Weizen Bock in spring

Volksfestbier on Whit Sunday
Bockbier Anstich is the beginning of October
Weihnachtsfestbier from the middle of November
Kirchweih is the 3rd Sunday in September

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