Becher-Bräu Weizen Bock

unfiltered amber beer in wine glass with bottle

Becher-Bräu Weizen Bock

Brewery: Becher-Bräu
unfiltered dark honeycomb
Head: white, thinning

Nose: dried fruit, hint of apricot, yeast

richly malty, dried fruit, apricot, alcohol, yeast
Finish: lingering, semi-dry

Served: from a bottle bought in the area

Impression: I quite liked their dark Josefi Bock so was happy to find this a month or so later. I wondered why it was in a .33l bottle but saw it was 8.5% once home. The head thinned out pretty quickly but a nice bouquet of dried fruit and yeast with some apricot peeking through more than made up for it. It’s quite rich but not particularly sweet despite the relative absence of hops. The apricot asserts itself along with the prominent alcohol before the lingering semi-dry finish. It’s a sipper and can fully understand the bottle size now.

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