Manns Bräu

Friedrichstraße 23
95444 Bayreuth
Tel: +49 151 15558363

Bayreuth Station 1.2 km/regular bus service

Opening hours:
Daily 11:00-00:00

There’s been a tavern at this location since 1750 but the Mann family opened a bakery here in 1823 and soon began brewing as well. They sold the property to the Hacker family of Becher Bräu in 1990 who ran it as a pub with their beers before coming up with the idea of a pseudo brewery in 2018. The beers are still brewed at Becher Bräu but the two Hacker brothers have separately taken the reigns of the respective pubs. They brew a different line-up for each but also feature one beer from the other’s. Sounds like a good way to keep a family harmonious.

cozy interior of Manns Bräu

Manns Bräu is right in the center of Bayreuth so much easier to visit than Becher-Bräu which is on the edge of town. It’s open for lunch every day and has hot meals so a convenient stop if sight-seeing. The old brick building is lovely and the interior is simple and cozy. While it’s not an actual brewery, the beer is brewed by them at their own facility which just happens to be on the outskirts of town. It’s not really an unusual situation with breweries that have outgrown their original capacity. In this case, they’ve restored an old pub which was a brewery and now supply beer to it under its former name. There’s no mention of being brewed according to an old recipe so I assume it’s not the case.

Manns Bräu Helles

Though it was a cold blustery winter day and certainly not the weather for a Helles, the description on their menu was enticing
. The simple menu nicely had some notes on each beer including alcohol content and IBU level. While typical in the States, it’s surely not in small pubs in Franconia. When it came out, I was certainly happy I’d been swayed by the write-up. The server was friendly, efficient and sure knows how to pour a beer.  The Helles was tasty but I moved onto the Dunkel and ordered a Schäuferla.

Manns Bräu Dunkel & a very tasty Schäuferla

I finished up with their seasonal Bock. This is a BräuBrüder beer so a collaboration between the brothers. This is one of the beers they both serve. When the server noticed me taking a photo of a beer with less than a perfect head, she said to wait, snatched it up and returned with with massive one!

Manns Bräu Bock & finally the Dunkles on tap!

They also had Becher Bräu Kräusen Pils on tap but I was heading to the brewery in the afternoon so I decided to move on after the Bock. After that extra poured head, I’d also decided to come back to Manns Bräu for dinner. Sometimes it’s the simple things which make a difference and she sure did that with her attention to detail. On my return, I had their massive Brotzeitplatte and another Bock! Kudos to Manns Bräu. I wish all real breweries were run this well. It is, however, very much worth the short walk out to the brewery itself, where they have some other fine beers to try as well as excellent Sunday lunches.

Beers: Manns Bräu Helles, Manns Bräu Dunkel, Becher Bräu Kräßenpils all on tap

Beer calendar:
Changing monthly BräuBrüder beer such as a Bock

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