“Alte Mühle” Mühlenbräu

brewery exterior
Brückenstraße 19
96135 Stegaurach (Mühlendorf)
Tel: 0951 291 19

Opening hours:
Closed Tuesday & Sunday
Daily  16:00 to 23:00

Bamberg station 10 km/regular bus service

Output: 600 HL

Founded in 1793 and housed in a former mill, the Merklein family runs a cozy inn just on the outskirts of Bamberg in nice rural setting.  The large dining area features a gorgeous old green tile oven and their house specialty is warm smoked fish but it takes 40 minutes to prepare so many locals seemed to have called their orders in! We unfortunately didn’t know about this and when we saw a neighboring table get goose, we asked if it was available despite it not being on the menu. The server came back ten minutes later saying we could get it so we were happy.  I started out with their very tasty Dunkles while we waited.

cozy interior of the “Alte Mühle” and their tasty Dunkles

The goose came out and looked great but it was on the dry side. We surmised it might have been on the Sunday menu the previous week and this being Saturday, it’s not likely there was a roast normally available. It certainly wasn’t on a special paper insert menu and we got there at 11:30 am so they surely weren’t already running low on it. Perhaps the other table were locals who requested it and that was the only reason we knew about it. I imagine it would have been great fresh but I’d pre-call in the smoked fish next time. Oddly enough, an older woman on the bus out told us about a place in Mühlendorf that had great smoked fish and surely this was the thing to get out here.  Though their Pils is their classic beer, it didn’t seem to be on tap this day, perhaps to make room for their seasonal Dunkler Bock, which was excellent too.

Goose & a fine Dunklerbock

Beers on tap: Dunkles, Helles and Weißbier plus a seasonal (Bock in winter)

Beer calendar:
Maibock from the end of April
Ermetentrunk from the end of August/beginning of September
Dunkler Bock from the 3rd Friday in October
Kirchweich on the second Sunday in September

I finally got to their Keller up the road, only open in summer in good weather! 🙂 They have a Helles from gravity dispense. I don’t think it’s available at the restaurant but I haven’t been there in summer yet.  The Keller also had a special Hansenbier from gravity when I was there too. It appeared to be a one-off.

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