bierkeller sign

Neukreuthstraße 7
96135 Stegaurach (Mühlendorf)
Tel: 0951 291 19

Bamberg station 10 km/regular bus service 

Opening hours: beginning of May to the end of August in good weather
Closed Tuesday
Daily from 16:00
Sunday & holidays from 15:00

This is the outlet for Mühlenbräu beers in the warmer months. When I walked by the brewery’s restaurant just up the street, there was a sign saying the Bierkeller was open. I surmise from this that the restaurant would have been open if the weather were bad, in which case the Bierkeller would have been closed. At any rate, this cute little Keller has a countryside feel even though it’s right in the village. It’s quite lush and there are two simple dispensaries: one for beer and the other for food.

food & beer from different dispensaries

I’d already eaten so I got their house Helles and enjoyed sitting in the shade.

 As luck would have it, they also had a Festbier called Hansenbier and I naturally had this too. Their menu is the typical Franconian Brotzeit line-up but everything looked great and they do their own butchering so I imagine it’s excellent. Their specialty is local delicacy Zwetchgenbames and next time I’m there I’ll be sure to bring an appetite.

their tasty Hansenbier & additional seating

I finally got to sample some food at this lovely village Bierkeller. I opted for their Hausplatte to get a more rounded impression. It was ample and both great quality and value. It didn’t sadly include Dosenfleisch so will get that next time.

a tasty Hausplatte

Beers on tap: Mühlenbräu Hell from gravity dispense. Occasional seasonal like Hansenbier also from gravity dispense. 🙂

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