Singen in the Rain

I limped up like some sodden dog and stared limply into the busy little one room barn of a pub. I didn’t have much time to consider the lack of masks or COVID restrictions as I knew my equally drenched wife was close behind, surely none too happy. Despite the heavy rain, we’d parked in the small square of the village, not wanting to deal with the narrow road leading to Brauerei Schmitt. It wasn’t a long walk but it doesn’t take much time to get soaked in weather like this.

quaint Brauerei Schmitt

To put things into perspective, we were on the way to visit her family in Saxony.  She’d driven up to Theinheim in Franconia on Friday evening after work so we could enjoy a fine meal at Brauerei Bayer. The next morning we’d attempted to go to an unplanned nearby brewery only to be thwarted by road closures on every side of the small village. We then spent Saturday night at Kloster Kreuzberg, another beery pilgrimage site. On Sunday, we drove to the Lang Bräustüble in Waltershausen for lunch. It had all gone well and my wife, who also enjoys good food and beer, was happy to chauffeur me from brewery A to brewery B even when she could not imbibe. The stop in Singen was planned but she was understandably ready to get on the road to see her family.

a cute if rather wet Biergarten

So I stood, dripping wet but under an overhang, peering in at what appeared not only a bustling mask-less crowd but also a bagpipe band getting ready for a performance. With my wife now in tow, we walked tentatively in and ordered a beer and an Apfelschorle for the driver, making the brewer wince. My wife explained her dilemma but the brewer seemed to think it would be fine to have a beer and drive, his vacant look a sure sign he’d been drinking a fair amount that morning. We took a seat at the large square communal table and admired the admittedly atmospheric museum interior. The beer was excellent but we didn’t feel particularly comfortable. Then the band began to play and the entire mood changed. The drummer added some unexpected punch. They were really good and the crowd was very into them, including us.

some tasty treats at Kloster Kreuzberg

They did a slow song donning flutes with a woman on harp and even pulled that off but the crowd was there for the rambunctious bagpipe rants so they were enticed to do a couple more.

a tasty Singer Pils & slow set

This gave me ample time to finish off what was admittedly an excellent rustic beer. I would have liked another but I knew better than to even try. My wife had really enjoyed the music and I dare say it saved the beery day for me. I did, however get a couple bottles to go despite the rather high deposit on the bottles. My wife would enjoy one once we got to our final destination and I’d get a second beer even if sans the bagpipes.

a beer from Thuringia enjoyed in Saxonyrolling back to the Kloster

Though the focus is Franconian beer on Beerwanderers, I have discovered there are some parts of Thuringia which are part of Franconia. Singen falls outside this area but a friend suggested it and I’m glad we made the effort to check out this rustic little place. Of course, good beer is where you find it and sometimes it’s in the damnedest places.  Next stop on the Thuringian beer tour: In Search of Schwarzbier in Thuringian Hilltop Castles.

For the record, at the time of our visit, Thuringia had already relaxed their COVID restrictions. Since we live in Bavaria, perhaps the most strict state, it’s always odd to visit places less so.


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  1. You captured well why an integral part of Beerwandering is not only the quality of the beer, but the ambiance of the pub and your picture and narrative captured why it was a good experience.

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