Waltershausen is a pleasant if unremarkable village and if visiting nearby Kloster Kreuzberg, it’s a less expensive alternative for overnight accommodation. Though in a pretty setting, there’s really only one reason to stop when driving through and that is the lovely Lang Bräustüble, where the friendly owners welcome even out-of-towners as warmly as their loyal local clientele.

Lang Bräustüble
half-timbered brewpub exterior

Martin-Luther Str.7,
97633 Waltershausen (Saal an der Saale)

Tel: 09762 930941

Bad Neustadt station 14km

Opening hours:
Wednesday to Friday  from 17:00
Saturday from 14:00
Sunday from 10:00

Output: 5000 HL

Family-run since its founding in 1844, Brauerei Lang and its popular Bräutüble are doing quite well despite their relative remoteness. They concentrate on local distribution and run a bottle shop at the brewery with a fairly large selection of local beers, including all of their own. Their pub is warm and cozy and the owners friendly and welcoming. We arrived on Sunday just before lunch without a reservation and were surprised to find it already nearly full. The few tables remaining were all reserved but they were more than willing to squeeze us in with the understanding we’d only have about 45 minutes.

the cozy Lang Bräutüble

We started off with a warming and equally tasty pumpkin soup. I ordered an Ufi, an unfiltered Helles or Kellerbier of sorts.  My wife was happy about my choice of lunch stops immediately despite it looking troublesome off the bat.

a great pumpkin soup & Ufi

As a main, I had Ochsenbächen (ox cheeks) in a richly delicious home-made sauce with dumplings. It paired well with their Kupferbier. The brewer was pouring the beer and every one was perfect with a gorgeous full head. He came over once he saw I was drinking them all and said the Kupferbier was his favorite. 

a Kupfer & Rindbraten

My wife got Schweinemedaillons, a choice cut of pork, in a mushroom sauce. She said we could stop here for lunch anytime. I finished up with their most popular beer, a hoppy dry Pils.

pork in mushroom sauce & Lang Pils

The meals were quite large so between that and a lack of time, dessert was not an option. I’m sure they’re good. It was Sunday so the beer shop was closed but they were nice enough to sell me a mixed half case of their Pils and Lager at a fair price.

cute terrace seating & a Lager brought back home

The great food, nice looking outside seating & friendly service will bring us back here again, hopefully soon. Let’s not forget their dry, fairly hoppy brews. It turns out the Ufi is an unfiltered version of the Lager.

Beers on tap: Lang Pils, Lang Kupferbier, Lang Ufi (unfiltered Lager). Bottled: Lager, Mephisto Weisse

Beer calendar:
St. Vitus Weizenbock from mid-November

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