Urbräu Höhlentrunk

Urbräu Höhlentrunk
Urbräu Höhlentrunk

Brewery: Püls-Bräu
Town: Weismain
Style: Helles
Color: pale yellow
Head: rocky
Nose: malt
Body: medium, overly carbonated
Palate: sweetish, malt
Finish: sticky

Served: on tap at Bruckmayer’s Biergarten in Pottenstein

Impression: Sometimes, you’re better off living with a fond memory. Wagner-Bräu was one of the three breweries I visited on my first trip to Pottenstein in 1997. While their Dunkles wasn’t as good as Mager, it was a respectable beer none-the-less. My second time in town, it was closed down. Recently,  I’d read about Urbräu but figured out it was not an actual brewery but was intrigued anyway. Püls-Bräu makes the beer, most of it with the Weismainer label but this one, the Höhlentrunk is supposedly brewed with an old recipe though it’s not spelled out whose. I can tell you one thing, it’s not the Wagner-Bräu Dunkles recipe. Though I wasn’t looking for a Helles with the name of the beer, it was a hot day and I was sitting in a lovely Biergarten so tried to make the best of it. It looked good aside from way too many bubbles streaming up the side of the mug. It had a great head but it was a one-dimensional sweetish brew that had nothing to do with Franconia. I’d go back to the Biergarten but it’s unlikely I’d try this misnamed brew again.

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