Urbräu (Brauerei Wagner)

brewery exterior

This was still a brewery when I first came to Pottenstein in 1997. At least, I believed it to be so. I can’t seem to find any information about when it stopped brewing and I generally am good at doing this task. I know when I returned in 2002, it was no longer open though it was still there and looked the same from the outside.  I see online that Bruckmayer has a pub there and along with some outside beers have a Hausbier that looks to be brewed by St. Georgen in Buttenheim.  I’m including it here for anecdotal reasons as their Ältfräkisch Dunkel was quite good when I sampled it in 1997.

the exterior of the old Wagner-Bräu is still intact

I recently was in Pottenstein doing research for my book Beer Hiking Bavaria and stopped by what was once Wagner and is now Bruckmayer’s Urbräu. Though the exterior looked unchanged, the interior looked to be updated even if in an old world style. Due to limited opening hours, I never made it inside but I did visit their nearby Bruckmayer’s Biergarten, which was a very pleasant place with a gorgeous red chestnut tree. They had a couple beers brewed by Weismainer Püls-Bräu on tap, neither of which impressed me. That said, it is a nice place to sit and it was certainly popular.

Höhlentrunk, red chestnut tree and Kellerbrunk

Beers on tap: Urbräu Höhlentrunk, Kellertrunk

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