Beim Binner

 zoigl stube
Binner Zoigl

Kleiau 3
92670 Windischeschenbach
Tel: 09681 / 1498

Opening hours:
Friday to Monday from 10:00
(check Zoigl calendar for open weekends)

This is yet another homey Zoiglstuben in Windischeschenbach, run by the Sperber family. It has a cozy interior with a green tile oven and a nice outside seating area, much of which is under an overhang, making it good for less than perfect weather.

inside & out, Beim Binner has a homey feel

I only had a lunch time stop on my way back home but was impressed with both the Zoigl and food. My Sauer Sulze was excellent and my wife’s Geräuchertes must have been great since she didn’t offer me much of it. That was okay, she was driving so she only got to have a small sip of a Zoigl she’d have loved to drink a full one of!

Beim Zoigl & two very tasty Dishes

This is definitely a new favorite and we look forward to returning. My wife is looking forward to having a full Zoigl too.

Beer: Binner Zoigl

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