Schwan Weihnactsbock

yellow beer in mug
Schwan Weihnactsbock

Brewery: Schwan
Style: Hellerb
Color: deep golden

Head: thin

Nose: slight
Body: medium
Palate: balanced,
nice mix of malt and hops
Finish: somewhat bitter
Served: on
tap at the brewery

Impression: Odd how expectations work. Made it to this area a few years ago, mostly to go to nearby Zehendner in Mönchsambach. There were no rooms there so stayed at Braueri Schwan in Burgebrach.  My wife was driving so she couldn’t drink at my chosen brewery so headed to the Schwankeller in Burgebrach later since we could walk there. It was a cute little keller and the beer was surprisingly good. They had their Maibock on tap, whereas Zehendner’s was only available in a bottle.

Since we were staying at Schwan, we got to see the brewpub’s interior when we ate breakfast there. I vowed to get back that winter to try their Weihnachtsbock but as with most things, it took a couple years to materialize. By the time we returned, Schwan was no longer renting rooms so we stayed next door. We went to the Bockbieranstich at Zehendner, where we drank one of the finest bocks you’re likely to ever find, from a gravity dispense barrel no less. We returned to Burgebrach for the night and the brewpub was empty.  Their Bock arrived looking a little lackluster and was overly carbonated with little head. The pour wasn’t great and though tasty enough, it lacked the soft mouthfeel of the previous beer and the finish wasn’t as intriguing or clean. I guess the first time, I didn’t expect anything and this time I did. I’ll surely be in this area again and will try to go here first to see which impression was more accurate. My guess is the first one so by all means, if in the area, head to the Schwanakeller.

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