Sedgefield Porter

Sedgefield Porter

Brewery: Sedgefield Craft Brewery
Style: Porter

Color: dark brown, verging on black with garnet highlights

Head: tan, massive, rocky
Nose: some roast

medium, soft
Palate: roasty, peppery, spicy
Finish: clean
, dry, slightly bitter

Served: on tap taster at the brewery/also bottle bought at brewery

Impression:  Nearly passed this little place by but it was right off the road and looked a bit like a hokey Florida tourist stop with a couple other businesses clustered together.  It was a short stop as we still had some driving to do but the owner was very friendly and gave out free tasters of whatever you wanted to try.  They also serve full pours if you want to sit outside and enjoy a beer.  I only tried the two I was interested in, the porter and an IPA.  Have to be honest, the pours were quite small and it’s not easy to get a good pour in such a small glass. They were a bit fizzy and the flavor seemed a little thin.  Of course, I bought a few to be nice and we were staying on the beach so wanted beer for that. Well, the porter I got out of the bottle was another animal altogether. I had a nice glass (South African accommodation always has good wine and beer glasses!)  and it looked fantastic and tasted just like it looked. It had a very soft mouthfeel and a tasty but restrained palate. At 4.5%, it was quaffable.  It was a classic porter and quite possibly the best dark beer of the trip. Sometimes you buy stuff to be nice and it pays off. This was one of those times. 

How about another South African craft beer?


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