Beim Gloser

Lehnerberg 2
92670 Windischeschenbach
Tel: 09681 / 3170

Opening hours:
Friday from 2:00
Saturday to Monday from 10:00

Beim Gloser walks the fine line of being both modern and traditional with a very thoughtfully updated old wooden bar with fine touches like back-lit stained-glass in the main area and lots of old beer memorabilia scattered about randomly like you might find at someone’s house.

Beim Gloser is a nice mix of old and new

This was our first Zoiglstube experience and it sold us for life. I guess we never expected it to be so cool while maintaining something old world about it. We found out in our next Zoiglstube, they very much and we’ve liked them all, but so far, this is our favorite.

atmospheric Beim Gloser

We had two distinct experiences in one night. We arrived to a jam-packed place but as we walked in, another couple was walking out. I quickly grabbed their table in the long corridor which we assumed was the entire Stube. It was bustling and slightly rundown in a seemingly purposeful way. It was also very cold. It was freezing and wet out and there was obviously no heat.  We ordered two beers and were quickly but gently corrected to two Zoigl.  They came out and just blew us away. Even sitting in a cold albeit cool meat locker was worth it.  I got the Bratensülze and my wife wisely ordered Kartoffelnsuppe.  Hers warmed her up but I wanted something I hadn’t had and though not warming, I enjoyed mine immensely.

my Bratensülze & wife trying to stay warm with a Zoigl

We then noticed there was another two rooms and both looked a lot cozier but were understandably even more crowded. We opted on walking up the hill to Neuhaus to Beim Knäck’n but on our way back to the hotel, we stopped back in Beim Gloser and happily found a table in the main room. It was a lot warmer so we enjoyed a couple more Zoigl, knowing our warm bed was a mere few steps away. 

the cozy interior of Beim Gloser at last 

Beers: Beim Gloser Zoigl

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