Teicher Zoiglstube

Teicher Zoiglstube
Markplatz 2-4
Neuhaus 92670
Tel: 09681 918095

Opening hours:
Friday through Monday from 10:00
(check Zoigl calendar for weekends open)

Teich means pond in German and there are thousands of them in this region, surely one reason it’s good for carp. The building the Zoiglstube is housed in was the home of the pond keeper at the Neuhaus Castle. Though Neuhaus has one of the longest traditions of Zoigl and Teicher Zoigl has been made for several generations, the Punzmann’s have only been at it since the beginning of the 1970s.  They renovated the property in 2012, expanding the Stube and adding apartments for rent.  The outside seating area is quite nice and is obviously from this upgrade, too.

homey interior and upper patio of Teicher Zoiglstube

We had two stops here as we were staying fairly nearby.  We came in the afternoon and sat in their tasteful outdoor seating area. It’s quite a sunny spot but we managed to get a spot in the shade.  We only had one of their very tasty Zoigl as we were headed down into Windischeschenbach for an early dinner. We knew we’d be back on our home after the first sip.

cloudy beer in mug
a quick afternoon Teicher Zoigl

We returned in the evening after dinner and the outside area was packed so had to sit inside but found it quite cozy. It gave us an entirely different experience and it would surely be a nice place to spend a cold winter evening.  Even though we’d eaten, we got an order of their Geräuchertes, a very tasty smoked ham provided by their own in house butcher. Many of the Zoiglstuben have their own butchers so the quality of their meats are excellent and great value.

cozy interior of Teicher and their very tasty Geräuchertes

Beer: Teicher Zoigl

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