Griesbräu Maibock


in krug so no visuals
malty with some hops in nose
Body: medium
-bodied, low carbonation
rich and malty with some stickiness
Finish: could be drier but not cloying

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: Expected a bit more from this Maibock as other seasonals here have been quite good.  I had had a similar one in Ettal earlier in the day and kind of hoped this one would be more what I was looking for.  The brewpub has a nice atmosphere and after a long walk and short train trip, it was a very pleasant beer to drink.  It just didn’t finish the way I’d have liked.  Surprisingly, they had two of their own Maibocks on tap and the second, a craft beer version, was much better.

Care for another Maibock?

2 thoughts on “Griesbräu Maibock

  1. I loved the scenery and your thoughts about the two draft maibocks. The idea of a sticky malt made me smiles, definitely not a connoisseur. . . 🙂

    1. It’s kind of like it just sticks in your mouth, something you generally don’t like. The best beers here seem to avoid it more easily than Stateside, at least without profuse use of hops. Both have their merits and I’ve been a fan of both for a long time.

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