Ettaler Maibock


Brewery: Etaller
Heller Bock
Color: no visuals as in a clay mug

white, fluffy, dense
Nose: malty, hint of hops
Body: full-
Palate: rich and malty but lacking the bitterness in the best Hellerbocks

Finish: uneven, not quite dry enough

Served: from a bottle in Ettal

Impression: Ettaler is mostly known for their Dunkles and certainly their Helles and Weißbier are popular in their area. Their most known seasonal is a Dopplebock called Curator but I was intrigued when I learned of their still brewing a Hellerbock as it’s a style that can be great. So, my expectation were pretty high and was sad when the brewery tap at the Kloster Hotel said they didn’t carry it. I was happy to find it across the street, unsurprisingly in bottle form since the brewery didn’t even have it!  It was a nice enough beer but the finish lacked the dryness you’d like to find in the style and what can make them so damn dangerously drinkable.  Worth seeking out if in the area but not to go out of your way for.

Care for a better Maibock?

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