Drei Kronen Stöffla

amber beer in glass

Drei Kronen Stöffla

Brewery: Drei Kronen
smoked kellerbier
unfiltered amber
white, dense
malty but a hint of smokiness
Body: medium
-bodied, medium carbonation
malty with an elegant smoky element
Finish: clean and somewhat bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: The first time I had this, I stopped by the somewhat upscale restaurant during off hours and was only there to try this one beer. The server didn’t seem too happy about my being there but I found the beer very good nonetheless though not good enough to return for about ten years!  I was there recently for aa excellent meal and had this beer along with a few others in their portfolio.  All were uniformly quite good and the meal was excellent so we’ll head back a lot sooner next time.  Stöffla is a great introduction to smoked beer, as the smokiness is in the background and the finish remains more like a traditional beer with regard to bitterness.

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