Schroll Landbier

Schroll Landbier

Brewery: Schroll
Town: Nankendorf

Style: Landbier
Color: amber
Head: off white, dense bubbles
Nose: malt
Body: medium
Palate: fruity, hint of roast
Finish: slightly dry
Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: Expectations play a part in a beer’s perception.   I had very high ones for this brew in Nankendorf. It’s not an easy village to get to without a car so it had eluded me for some time. It was a good looking beer and quite liked the brewpub but the beer itself wasn’t quite as tasty as I had anticipated. That said, it was well-made and had a nice enough fruity palate but the finish could have been a tad dryer. Their Bock was more impressive.
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