Wilde Rose Bräu Keller

Oberer Stephansberg 49

Opening hours:
May through September

Monday to Friday from 4 to 11
Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 3

Bamberg Station 2.6 km

If one great Bierkeller is not reason enough to climb Stephansburg, this second one is a beauty and more than enough extra incentive.  The Wilde Rose previously had their beer brewed at Franken Bräu Lorenz Bauer but have shifted things to Brauerei Trunk in Vierzehnheiligen. No matter, the beer sure tastes great in these wonderful surroundings. This is Bamberg’s lushest Bierkeller by far and the pavilion and other various old time wooden structures make for a great atmosphere.

many sides to the Wilde Rose Keller

I’ve been here a few times and always bring visiting friends. It’s not far from both Greifenklau and the Spezial Keller so a great day out can be made of it.

friends from UK getting into the Bier Keller swing

I’ve found out that there is a great Bockbieranstich up here in autumn with a rotating Bock newly tapped. Last year it was the Hellerbock from Vierzehnheiligen, which makes total sense in light of them now brewing the Wilde Rose beer. I hope to get to it next year.  I did have their Maibock when there and it was excellent.

another shot of the Pavillion, even more scenic after a Maibock

I returned after a six-month lockdown and was happy to find the Wilde Rose Keller hadn’t changed a bit aside from a COVID testing center near the entrance. A friend had tipped me off about the change or the contract brewing and since I am a fan of Brauerei Trunk, I was eager to check out the results. I can say that their Kellerbier is a success. I hope next year, there is more time to get ready and they brew their Maibock again. I’m sure they’ll do a great job.

a great Sunday brunch at Wilde Rose

It being Sunday, we got to enjoy a great roast duck breast and can safely say Wilde Rose will be a strong lunch choice if it’s good weather. Rather contract brew a Weissbier, they carry Trunk’s own Bio-Weisse.

Beers: Wilde Rose Kellerbier, Vierzehnheiligen Nothelfer Bio-Weisse, Keesmann Herren Pils, Schlenkerla
Rauchbier Märzen.

Beer calendar:
Maibock in spring
Bockbier in autumn

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