Wilde Rose Bräu Keller

Oberer Stephansberg 49 in Bamberg

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday from 4 to 11
Sunday and holidays from 3
Bamberg Station 2.6 km
If one great Bierkeller is not reason enough to climb Stephansburg, this second one is a beauty and more than enough extra incentive.  The Wilde Rose has their beer brewed at Franken Bräu Lorenz Bauer or does their own brewing there, it’s not clear. No matter, the beer sure tastes great in these wonderful surroundings. This is Bamberg’s lushest Bierkeller by far and the pavilion and other various old time wooden structures make for a great atmosphere.
Beers: Wilde Rose Kellerbier, Wilde Rose Weissbier, Keesmann Herrn Pils, Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen.
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