Trunk Nothelfer Bio-Weisse

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Trunk Nothelfer Bio-Weisse

Brewery: Brauerei Trunk Alte Klosterbrauerei
Town: Vierzehnheiligen
Style: Weissbier
Color: unfiltered honeycomb
Head: white, creamy, thinning
Nose: yeasty, fruity
Body: medium
Palate: balanced, fruity
Finish: lingering

Served: on tap at the Wilde Rose in Bamberg

Impression: I’ve enjoyed all the brewery’s beers at their pub in Vierzehnheiligen but never managed to get around to their Weissbier so was happy to see it on tap at the Wilde Rose in Bamberg. With the brewery now contract-brewing the Wilde Rose beers, it’s nice to see them carrying this as well. It’s a good looking beer with a yeasty head and nose but I found the it falling a bit flat flavor-wise. It was fruity and refreshing enough but a tad thin on taste. The finish didn’t draw me in either. Admittedly, I had it after the Wilde Rose Kellerbier and perhaps it just didn’t measure up to that fairly hoppy brew.

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