Wilde Rose Kellerbier

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Wilde Rose Bräu Kellerbier

Brewery: Wilde Rose Bräu (contract brewed by Brauerei Trunk)
Color: in Krug so no visuals
Head: white, thinning
Nose: floral hops
Body: medium

Palate: balanced, floral hops

Finish: lingering, dry, bitter

Served: on tap at the Wilde Rose Keller

Impression: The Wilde Rose may not brew their own beer but the family recipes have reportedly been passed down and are utilized. They were previously contract-brewed by Franken Bräu but they’ve shifted to Brauerei Trunk out of Vierzehnheiligen.  After my recent visit, I can say they are doing a fine job and there are few places as pleasant to drink a beer than in this leafy Bierkeller. This Kellerbier is a lovely one, balanced but with fair floral hopping in both the nose and palate. The finish is lingering, dry and bitter. Quite nice.

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