Hauptstraße 15
96164 Kemmern
Tel: 09544-6746

Breitengüßbach Station 2.2 km/irregular buses

Opening hours:
Daily 15:00 to 23:00
Closed Tuesday & Sunday

Output: 9000 HL

Founded in 1788, this is very much a family concern that has expanded become very much a regional favorite.  Though their beer is available around the area, there’s no better place to drink it than at the source or their nearby Wagner-Keller.

Though I’ve had their beer in bottle form often had been at their Keller, I finally got to the brewery recently and was very happy with the experience.  It was a cool night so sitting in their small but atmospheric Biergarten was out of the question. The interior was old wood cozy and the site of two gravity dispense kegs were a sight for sore eyes.

cozy interior & the Biergarten the next morning

I got their  Ungespundetes Lagerbier that was served via gravity dispense and in great form and went well with a nice and ample mixed meat plate.

their tasty Lagerbier & mixed meat plate

My wife got their equally tasty Pils, also on gravity dispense so with a great soft mouthfeel. She enjoyed her Bratwurst, too. We ended with their Rauchbier, called Kuckuck, which was quite good if a bit too carbonated after the gravity brews.

their Pils & Kuckuck

Beers: Pils and ungespundetes Lagerbier on gravity dispense. Their Kuckuck (Rauchbier) was on regular tap. Schwarzbier, Vollbier, Landbier, Weizen and Märzen in bottles.

Beer calendar:
Festbier (Easter, Whit Sunday, Kirchweih, Christmas)
Bockbier (from November)
Zwillingsbier (4 times a year)
Fischkirchweih (End of June)
Seefest (End of July)
Kirchweih (4th Sunday in August)
Bockbieranstich (beginning of November)

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