Rittmayer Keller

Kreuzbergstr. 18

Forchheim Station 12km

Opening hours:
July & August:
Monday through Wednesday from 15:00
Thursday through Sunday from 11:00

September through June:
Tuesday and Wednesday from 3:00
Thursday through Sunday and holidays from 11:00
Closed Monday

Much like Lieberth’s just a few steps away, Rittmayer has their brewery and a nice restaurant in the actual village of Hallerndorf but most head out to the Keller when the weather is fine and for good reason: great food and beer in an idyllic setting.  With a bigger variety of dishes and beers, Rittmayer draws more people then their little neighbor but it never seems hectic.

I had a great Schäuferla here and that’s saying a lot as perhaps the best one I’ve ever had was just a 15 minute walk away at Roppelt’s Keller.

A great Schäuferla, their Kellerbier and Rauchbier

Beers: Hallerndorfer Landbier, Hallerndorfer Kellerbier, Hallerndorfer Rauchbier.

Beer calendar:
Weißbierfest (2nd weekend in August)
Kirchweih (2nd to the last weekend in October)
Bockbierfest (End of October)
Winterweizenfest (2 weeks before Christmas)

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