Nedensdorf is a small village which is part of the larger Bad Staffelstein postal code conglomeration which theoretically gives Bad Staffelstein ten breweries despite having none in the town itself. No worries, it’s only 3 kilometers from the train station along a mostly scenic path. The town is nothing special for the tourist (though surely a nice place to live!) but the brewpub is well worth the walk in itself.

brewery sign

Brauerei Gasthof Reblitz
Am Mahlberg 1
96231 Bad Staffelstein (Nedensdorf)
Tel: 09573 965 00

Bad Staffelstein station 3 km/limited bus service

Opening hours:
Closed Monday
Tuesday to Friday from 16:00
Saturday from 15:00
Sunday and holidays from 10:00

Output: 350 HL

This is one of the smallest breweries in Franconia and according to their sign, the smallest in Nedensdorf. Perhaps they’d been disproven on the first account and jokingly added the second as they are surely the only brewery in tiny Nedensdorf. Founded in 1805 and still run by the Reblitz family, it is a bustling little place, especially during lunch on Sundays. It’s little wonder with the quality of the food. It’s also a very homey place with a large tile oven and after a wet walk over, it was a great place to dry out for us.

cozy interior of Reblitz and moniker claiming how small it is

It was a pretty if wet walk to Nedensdorf the Sunday we made the trek and were were happy to find an open table in the warm brewpub. We ordered a couple of their Dunkles Landbiers and both opted for the goose. Both were excellent.

great Dunkles Landbier and goose at Gasthof Reblitz in Nedensdorf

We’d come a long way so we lingered a bit to dry out and to try all their beers on tap. They had three the day we were there and it seems only the Dunkles Landbier is always on, with quite a few other rotating beers. Since we both love this style, we were quite happy and it being winter, their Bock was on. I was surprised to find it a Hellerbock given the popularity of the Dunkles but it was an excellent example of the style. We also tried their Doldenzupfer, a wet-hopped session beer that was also very tasty.

Doldenzupfer & Bock at Brauerei Gasthof Reblitz

Sadly, they didn’t have any good sounding desserts so we decided to make our way back to the Bad Staffelstein train station. Unfortunately, there are no buses on Sunday, the only day the brewpub opens for lunch. Luckily, the rain had subsided and we enjoyed the walk back, including some views of the Staffelberg and Kloster Banz that had been obscured by clouds on the way there.

They have quite a few seasonal beers including a great sounding Weißbier in the warmer months and there is a circular trail that takes in some more breweries so I’m sure we’ll be back again soon.

a pair of quick Bocks

Though I have not only not been able to do the beer hiking trail which passes Reblitz, I did get to nearby Wiesen and Brauerei Thoman in 2021. We were lucky to have a friend pick us up in Reblitz in March 2022 on the way to dinner in Mürsbach. We resampled the Hellerbock and got our firs try of their marvelous Weizenbock. There’s still a hike to do and plenty of other seasonal beers so hopefully back soon!

Beers on tap: Dunkles Landbier and up to two rotating seasonals

Beer calendar:
Weizenbock from mid-January through Lent
Räucherla around March/April
Nedensdorfer Weißbier from April to mid-November
Sommerbier in July and August
Festbier from mid-September through October
Doldenzupfer from October into Decemberg
Bock from the Friday after All Saint’s Day into January

Weißbieranstich from end of March to early April
Kirchweih on the 1st of May
Bad Staffelstein Brauerfest on August 15th
Kirchweih on the second Sunday in October
Bockbieranstich on the Friday following All Saints Day (November 1st)

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