Brauerei Gradl
leups gradle exterior
Leups 6
91257 Pegnitz
Tel: 09246-247

Pegnitz Station 8 km/irregular bus service

Opening hours:
Closed Tuesday
Daily from 10

Output: 1500 HL

Founded in 1683, this is truly a classic small village local.  Often, you might arrive to a few locals playing cards but on busy hiking weekends, you’ll be lucky to find a seat. Expect mostly simple meals but the Bratwurst is great and the bread fresh.

cosy interior of Gradl & their elusive Maibock

First time there, it was packed with walkers. The old owner was still serving food, if a bit slowly. The house Leupser Dunkel was great and the Maibock was even better.

tasty homemade Bratwurst at Gradle & their legendary Leupser Dunkel

The second time, it was during the week and nearly empty. On this occasion, I was served by an 8 year old boy and though only marginally faster, I guess he’ll get better in a couple years. Nice to see the family getting him ready for the family business early! I had Bratwurst both times and wasn’t disappointed. Meals are simple Brotzeit but all homemade and locals come here to eat, as well as drink their renowned beer.

I’ve recently found some bottled Gradl beers which I’d not tried in the pub due to COVID-19 restrictions. The Pils is generally only in bottled form and the Weihnachtsbock has a very short window of availability on tap right around Christmas.

Leupser Weihnachtsbock & Pils are both worth seeking out

Beers: Leupser Dunkel, Leupser Pils

Beer calender:

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