Hof is the most northern city in Bavaria and one we pass through on our way to neighboring Saxony every time we go to visit my wife’s family.  Sometimes it’s by car but mostly it’s by train so stops have been unfortunately few.


Vorstadt 13
95028 Hof
Tel: 09281-141366
Brewery tap: www.meinels-bas.eu
Brewerry: www.meinel-braeu.de

Opening hours:
Daily from 9:00  (in winter, from 11:00 Monday-Thursday)

Hof Station 2.2 km

Output: 17000 HL

Founded in 1731, this is a large family business that seems to still be thriving. They brew a full range of beers and their restaurant has been busy on both of our visits. The most recent visit found us there on Good Friday and we opted for fish, perhaps not the best choice in what would seem a meat-oriented place. Unlike many restaurants in the region, they did offer their regular meaty menu and in retrospect, I wish I’d stuck with it as I’d had a great meal about ten years prior.

a much anticipated return to Meinels Bas

One of the reasons for my not going for a Schäuferla was their not having their Dunkles on tap, the beer I’d envisioned having with it. I’d had a bottle recently and it prompted this return. I got a Zwickl and it was quite good and seemed a good fit for the fish meal. I will say the fish was well-presented with ample and perfectly cooked potatoes and an interesting medley of vegetables. The fish itself was on the small side and very heavily breaded. I would have preferred it in a more natural state.

Pils & Absolutor Doppelbock

I got a Pils next and while it was again really good, it was quite fizzy. It might have been better in the Krug. I’d had an excellent Hellerbock in a bottle from Meinels recently so was happy to see their Doppelbock, Absolvinator, on tap. It unfortunately wasn’t up to par and could have used a bit of the extra carbonation from the Pils. That said, it was good and worth trying.

I picked up some bottles to bring home including their Keller Märzen and Pils.

some recent pickups at Meinels

I also picked up a fine lightly smoky Mephisto and their Pale Ale seasonal called Blümla.

some Craft Beers from Meinels

These are some of the bottled beers which prompted my return to Meinels. The lovely Dunkles was unfortunately not on tap at the brewery and it wasn’t the season for their marvelous Heller Doppelbock. I recently sampled their lovely Weizenbock too.

a couple of bottles to tide me over

Our first visit to Meinels was  many years ago. We’d gone through Hof so many times and often had to change trains there. We figured we’d take a longer layover and walk to the brewery’s tap for lunch. I didn’t have much time for taking photos, as you can see. The service was a bit lax for us but we were in a hurry to catch our train so maybe we were a bit testy.  The beer was just okay but the food was great and well-priced.  As you can see, it was a very large plate of food!

our first rushed visit to Meinels

Beers: Pils, Zwickl, Weizen and one seasonal on tap. Bottled Dunkel, Keller Märzen, Mephisto.

Beer calendar:
Absolvinator (Lent)
Blümla (from Easter)
Maibock Maischätzla (from May 1st)
HolladieBierfee – ein Sommernachtstraum (from June while it lasts!)
Konrad und Mariechen (from Corpus Christi)
Körnla (from September)
HolladieBierfee – ein Wintertraum (from October while it lasts!)
Heller Doppelbock (October to Christmas)
Weizenbock (October to Christmas)
Hopfenzupfer (from December 6th)

Absolvinatoranstich (Saturday after Ash Wednesday)
Hofer Volksfest (End of July)
Hopfenzupferfest (1st Sunday in September)
Oldtimer-Treffen (1st Sunday in September)
Bockbierfest (Beginning of October)

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