The small village of Hintergereuth is truly off the beaten path, even for the beer wanderer. Though it’s part of nice longish rural walk, you’d be hard pressed to stumble upon it unless you knew a little about the Ahorntal, a quiet valley of rolling hills and farmland.

Stöcker-Bräubrewery exteriorHintergereuth 4
95491 Ahorntal
Tel: 09246-275

Pegnitz Station 17 km/highly irregular bus service from Bayreuth

Opening hours:
Closed Monday
Daily from 12

Founded in 1866, this is a true village family brewery where life is centered.  Simple snacks are available and prepared by the brewer’s wife and either she or her son are likely to pour your beer. I had their tasty beers at the Fränkishes Bierfest in Nürnberg and decided to walk there to connect the Bierquellenweg and hikes in the Aufsess area. It was not a well marked trail at times but was very happy I made the effort. The woman running the place was friendly and welcoming. The beer was worth the walk and the simple snack hit the spot.

Stöckel Landbier and the scenic old brewhouse

I had their Landbier and Pils and a Wurstbrot, basically a slice of buttered bread with some lunch meat on top.

Their Pils, bar interior & Würstbrot

I’ve sadly not been back but hope to do the long circuit hike which takes it in during the 2024 season. I did pick up their Heller Bock, Weizen and Festbier recently.

Beers: Lager Hell, Ahorntaler LandbierAhorntaler Premium Weisse, Stöckel Pils
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