Stöckel-Bräu Landbier

dark beer in mug
Stöckel-Bräu Landbier

Brewery: Stöckel-Bräu
Style: Landbier
amber to light chestnut
Head: off-white

Body: medium
dryish, fruity
Finish: dryish

on tap at the brewery

Impression: This is an out of the way brewery I’d have never made it to if it weren’t for the Fränkisches Bierfest in Nürnberg. I had a few of their beers there and decided to make the effort. When I did a four-day hike from Pegnitz to Strullendorf, this was on my route. It was quite a hot slog the day I walked into Hintergereuth. I’ll have to say the beer didn’t quite live up to memory but I had just drunk a trio of fine dark beers that morning including one of the best from Gradl in Leups. That said, it was a most enjoyable brew none-the-less.

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