Heiligenstadt i. OFr.

Heiligenstadt is a cute little Franconian village in the heart of the Fränkisches Schweiz (Little Switzerland of Franconia) which serves as a good base for visiting surrounding villages and their wonderful breweries. At Easter, fountains in nearly all villages are decorated with Easter eggs and this being the largest town in the area has quite a larger one. Of course, the area is best noted for hiking so combining it with visiting the sites and beers of the area is a great way to explore the regions.
Conveniently, there is a brewpub right off the main square, too!
Drei Kronen (home to Brauerei Aichinger)
Marktplatz 5
91332 Heiligenstadt i.OFr.
Tel: 09198 522

Ebermannstadt station 12 km/Bamberg 23 km/limited bus service
Opening hours:
Closed Tuesday
Wednesday to Monday from 8:00
Output: 700 HL
Founded in 1888, this simple brewpub has been in the same family since its inception and their Spezialbier is worth a stop in and of itself. The interior is classic Franconia so don’t expect any frills but it doesn’t seem to deter diners who come to enjoy tasty local dishes at very reasonable prices.
We unfortunately didn’t have time for a meal though everything we saw looked quite good. It was Good Friday but they were serving meat, something we hadn’t seen in other towns nearby.  I did have time for one of their excellent brews.  It was a nice site to behold, with an ample rocky head. It was dry and hoppy and it was tough to not have another but we had a 10 km hike ahead of us before lunch at the next brewery so that next Spezialbier will have to wait awhile.
Aichinger Spezialbier
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