Distelhäuser Brauerei

Grünsfelder Straße 3
97941 Tauberbischofsheim (Distelhausen)
Tel: 09341 805-0

Distelhausen Station 700m

Opening hours:
Tours by prior arrangement

Output: 180000 HL

Founded in 1811 and in the Bauer family since 1876, this mid-size brewery produces a large range of beers and has a strong presence in their region. They are also well recognized with many medals in international competitions. Despite being a relatively large operation, they take pride in using top quality ingredients, grown locally when possible. They also have their own water source and grow some of their hops onsite.

some images of the Distelhäuser brewing facility

Recent expansions allow them to cater for large events like weddings and other celebrations. They’ll even brew specialty beers for the occasion with labels commemorating the events.

smaller events room

I had seen some photos of their copper brewing kettles and had written the brewery to see if I could pop in for some photos prior to visiting their restaurant since I was coming on a Monday when they generally don’t offer tours. They were gracious in offering me a private tour with a warm and welcoming guide named Ilse. Her pride in the company shone through and I was more than impressed with the operation.

lagering tanks & coolships

bottling & kegging facilities

After the informative tour of the impressive facilities, a generous tasting of their large and varied line-up of beer was provided. Ilse sat with me, explaining the styles and obviously enjoying the beer as well.

generous tasting & their own butcher

We did the tasting in the brewery’s lovely Distelhäuser Brauhaus restaurant, where I also enjoyed an incredible dinner. Ilse explained they had their own butcher not only doing the meat but also had a small shop and place to enjoy a snack called Bauer’s Brotzeit. It is closed on Monday and that was the day of my visit so I unfortunately did not get to check it out. Yet another reason to return, along with the great hospitality of the Distelhäuser Brauhaus and some of the finest beer in Baden-Württemberg.

Beers: Distelhäuser Pils, Distelhäuser Distel Hell, Distelhäuser Landbier, Distelhäuser Märzen Urstoff, Distelhäuser Kellerbier, Distelhäuser Export, Distelhäuser Blond, Distelhäuser Weizen hell, Distelhäuser Dunkles Weizen, Distelhäuser Kristall Weizen, plus a non-alcohol Pils, Weizen and Radler along with a reduced alcohol Radler and unfiltered version.

Beer calendar:
Distelhäuser Heller Bock in February/March
Distelhäuser Winter Festbier in November/December
Distelhäuser Winter Bock in December/January
Distelhäuser Dinkel appears to no longer be brewed

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