Distelhäuser Brauhaus

Grünsfelder Straße 3
97941 Tauberbischofsheim (Distelhausen)
Tel: 09341 805-0

Distelhausen Station 700m

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday 12:00 to 22:00
Closed Monday

Vacation closures: 19-21.04.24 / 6-7.07.24 / 5-18.08.24 (always call in advance to be sure)

Output: 180000 HL

Though the Distelhäuser Brauerei dates back to 1811, the Brauhaus restaurant is a relatively newer development with roots closer to 2000. On my recent visit, it was obvious that the interior is updated on a regular basis. It had a traditional but modern feel with brewery memorabilia tastefully interspersed. My server was friendly, efficient and went above and beyond what would be deemed great service in Germany.

some images of the Distelhäuser Brauhaus

Though I’d done a tasting of all their beers on tap prior to my meal, I wanted to take some notes and get photos so I started off with their Weizen hell which I had been both surprised by and impressed with earlier. I followed up with their bottle-only Dunkles Weizen which was equally good. I decided to get some sustenance with a long session ahead of me and opted for their heartiest starter, a tasty Wildschwein Mini-Burger which came with a lovely bacon-topped salad.

two Weizens & a mini-Wildschwein Burger

I resampled their true to form Helles next. Along with the Dunkles Weizen, I noticed a bottled Märzen so went with that before moving onto their Kellerbier.

 Distel Hell & Märzen Urstoff

Though there were some excellent choices on their regular menu, I’d seen their special and my server concurred strongly with my pick of their Schweinekotelett mit Kartofel-Speckplätzchen. It was a lovely pork cutlet from their own butcher topped with a rosemary sprig and served with a side of potato “cookies” laced with bacon.  Again, a traditional meal with a modern gourmet twist.

Kellerbier & pork cutlet

I also resampled the Landbier and Pils before moving onto dessert. Once I’d asked for the bottle of the Dunkles Weizen for my photo, my server brought out the bottles of the beers even when they were on tap which was certainly beyond anything I would have asked.

gLandbier & flagship Pils

For dessert, I got an order of their Süße Stöpferle, sweet doughy balls with vanilla ice cream. It went well with their seasonal Heller Bock.

seasonal Heller Bock & Süße Stöpferle

It was an exceptional meal served professionally in a very friendly manner. I’d go back often if it were closer to home. Their beers were excellent as well and the combination will have me hankering for a return. My wife wants those Kartofel-Speck Plätzchen so I guess we’ll be going together next time!

the tasting flight & the Blond that got away

I also had their Blond, a very good Craft Beer offering, during the tasting but never got a chance to resample so forgive my using a web shot. That’s yet another reason to return.

Beers: Distelhäuser Pils, Distelhäuser Distel Hell, Distelhäuser Landbier, Distelhäuser Kellerbier, Distelhäuser Blond, Distelhäuser Weizen hell and a seasonal such as their Heller Bock on tap. Bottled: Distelhäuser Märzen Urstoff, Distelhäuser Dunkles Weizen, Distelhäuser Kristall Weizen, Distelhäuser Export plus a non-alcohol Pils, Weizen and Radler along with a reduced alcohol Radler and unfiltered version.

Beer calendar:
Distelhäuser Heller Bock in February/March
Distelhäuser Winter Festbier in November/December
Distelhäuser Winter Bock in December/January
Distelhäuser Dinkel appears to no longer be brewed

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