Not much to Breitenlesau but you can’t argue with its location, at the crossroads of the Aufsess and Burg and Pfad circular hiking trails.  You’re within easy walking distance of six breweries, not counting the one in town. You can’t argue with that, either.
Breitenlesau 1b
91344 Waischenfeld
Tel: 09202-835
Ebermannstadt Station 15 km
Opening hours:
Closed Monday & Tuesday (unless a holiday)
Daily from 9
Output: 40000 HL
Founded in 1834, this family run affair has been in the Krug’s blood for three generations. The bustling restaurant serves up hot meals at all times and there are always a few beers on tap, as well. Get there early and still be prepared for reserved signs on the tables.  Rooms available but it’s advisable to reserve those far in advance, too.
We both had a very good and ample Schnitzel with potato salad out first time here, washed down with their tasty Lagerbier (which is their Dunkles). The Pils wasn’t bad and the Bockbier was quite good. I got some bottled Festbier for home and really liked that.

Great Schnitzel & a great Bockbier on tap
Only had time for a quick beer on my epic four day hike but it was nice to enjoy their outside seating area with views of the brewery.
Beers: Krug-Bräu Lagerbier, Krug-Bräu Pilsner, Krug-Bräu Festbier, Krug-Bräu Kirschbier, Krug-Bräu “Kraftstoff” (Kellerbier).
Beer calendar:
Bockbier during Lent & from mid-November
Weihnachtsfestbier from the end of November
Kirchweih is the 3rd weekend in July
Bockbierfest is mid-November
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