Krug-Bräu Kraft-Stoff

unfiltered amber beer in wine glass with bottle
Krug-Bräu Kraft-Stoff

Brewery: Krug-Bräu
Style: Kellerbier
(craft beer version)
unfiltered, light golden
Head: white
, thinning
Nose: grainy

malty, grainy, dryish
Finish: clean, semi-dry, semi-bitter

Served: from a bottle bought in the area

Impression: I’d never seen this before but since I like their Urstoff, I figured I’d give it a try. It comes in a somewhat fancy .33l bottle and poured more golden than I remember the Urstoff being.  I wish I’d had room to get a bottle of the regular Urstoff to compare it to directly but my crate was already overloaded.  From memory, this one was slightly more hoppy than the Urstoff and perhaps drier in the finish. Worth trying but I’d prefer a regular size bottle.  I guess they see all the “craft” breweries selling the small bottles for so much money and want to get in on the action. 😉

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