Brauhaus Döbler

Kornmarkt 6
91438 Bad Windsheim
Tel: 09841 20 02

Bad Windsheim station 700 m

Opening hours:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10:30 to 22:00
Thursday & Saturday 10:30 to 19:00
Tuesday, Sunday & holidays closed

Output: 5,000 HL

Founded in 1867 when Johann Döbler purchased the brewery and still very much a Döbler enterprise. This is one very well-run family operation with everyone pitching in and seamlessly moving from one part of the business to the next. The outside seating is on a nice square and the inside has a great timeless feel to it. It’s a perfect combination of old world and newish touches. Service was one of the best experiences I’ve had in Franconian in the afternoon and quite good in the much busier evening.

Brauhaus Döbler has a cozy feel

I was staying at Döbler’s nearby apartments so dropped in for lunch. It was fairly nice out so most everyone was sitting outside, hence my photos looking so empty. I started off with their flagship Löschauer Urtyp, a lovely Märzen. I opted for their Geräuchertes, a tasty smokey ham and was impressed with the freshness and quality of the bread. This is something increasingly hard to find, sad in a country with such great bread as Germany.

great smoked ham plate & one amazing Märzen

My plan had been to just have one beer as I had a hike to do but the plate of smoked ham “required” another so I opted for their Reichsstadtbier naturtrüb, an unfiltered and quite tasty Kellerbier.

25-IMG_8117some nice touches & a fine Kellerbier at Brauhaus Döbler

I returned that evening after my hike to continue my exploration of their beers. I started off with the Döbler-Hefeweizen, which ticks all the requisite boxes for the style and was a good post hike-brew. I probably would have enjoyed it more if I’d come to the pub right after the trail but a shower had seemed more pressing when I passed the pub on the way to my room. I got a bowl of their Grießklöße Suppe, a rich homemade broth with dumplings much like matzah balls.

Döbler-Hefeweizen & their homemade dumpling soup

I then went for their Altstadt Hell, which was a good Helles but not in the same league as the previous two afternoon beers despite it appearing to be the pub’s most popular.  I ordered their Braumeister-Platte, a massive plate of mixed meats and cheeses with some more of that great bread from earlier. I could have used my wife to help me finish it off. I also tried their tasty Pils, which only comes in a bottle.

an evening of post-hike treats at Brauhaus Döbler

I needed another Märzen to help wash all that great meat down but the next day when I stopped in to drop off my key, I only had time for one beer before I caught my train and opted for the Kellerbier. I think the Märzen is their best beer and a great example of the style but I’d have to say, for a session I’d go for the Kellerbier.

It took me awhile to get to this great brewpub and hope I can return again soon. Kudos to the Döbler family for their warm welcome and providing great quality products across the board.

Beers: Löschauer Urtyp, Reichsstadtbier naturtrüb, Altstadt Hell & Döbler-Hefeweizen on tap. Bottled Döbler Pils.


Beer calendar:
Döbler-Dopplebock from Martinstag (November 11th) to Easter

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