Döbler Reichsstadtbier naturtrüb

bad windsheim döbler beer

Döbler Reichsstadtbier naturtrüb

Brewery: Döbler
Bad Windsheim
Color: lemony honeycomb

Head: white
, rocky
Nose: yeasty, grainy, faint hop

dry, some grain, underlying hops, a bit of yeast
Finish: clean, semi-dry, slightly bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: This is a style generally served in a ceramic Krug but this one came out in a glass mug, looking a bit like a Weizen and it even had some yeast in the nose. The first sip allayed all my doubts and what remained was a dry refreshing session beer. I may have thought the Märzen was their best beer but this was their most drinkable one and at 5%, a good choice.

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