Brauereigasthof Reindler

Brauhausweg 5
91578 Leutershausen (Jochsberg)
Tel: 09823/203

Leutershausen-Wiedersbach Station 5km/Ansbach Station 17km/irregular bus service

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Friday 9:00 to 22:00 (food from 16:00)
Sunday 16:00 to 22:00 (closed last Sunday of each month)
Closed Monday & Saturday

Gasthofbrauerei Reindler is adjacent to the brewing facility which was founded in 1663. It’s been in the Reindler family since 1822 and is very much the center of village life. The pub is cozy with a great green tiled oven and lots of wood. They feature mostly a Brotzeit menu but do great Schnitzel with Bratkartoffeln.  The pub is open all day but the food doesn’t come out until 16:00. They do let you bring your own food in during those hours. Conveniently, they have rooms so having dinner and a few beers is a good option.

cozy interior & Kochelofen

I was a little disappointed they only had two of their beers on tap but happy that one of them was their Spezial Dunkel. I wouldn’t generally drink bottles in a brewery tap but I had all afternoon and was spending the night so figured it was better than carrying a lot of stuff home in my backpack. I started off with their Hefeweizen and followed with their Gold Export, both in bottles. I asked to see the bottle with the first one and she automatically brought them out each time.  The service was excellent and courteous. The owner was fine with me eating a couple pretzels I’d brought with me. I knew there wouldn’t be any food until later and I didn’t see anywhere to eat in Leutershausen when I walked through it.

Reindler Hefeweizen & Gold Export

Next, I had their Landbier before finally moving onto their beers on tap as the hot food was then available. I got a Spezial Dunkel and their signature dish Schnitzel and Bratkartoffeln. The portion was massive and good quality. You could hear them pounding the meat fresh. Unusual for me, I couldn’t eat all the potatoes as good as they were but I had already eaten a couple pretzels and drunk three beers. 😉

 Reindler Spezial Dunkel & Landbier with a Riesenschnitzel!

I obviously needed another beer to polish off my meal and got what looked to be their most popular beer, the Edel-Pils.  Since I didn’t have room for an edible dessert, I opted for the seasonal Doppelbock, the Seckenator, which was sadly in a bottle also. It did come with a cute little logo glass to help offset it.

Reindler Edel-Pils & Seckenator

The place was understandably pretty empty when I got there but it filled up for dinner, though certainly not packed and I had a big table to myself. Most people got the Schnitzel and I could see why. The prices were very fair and less than half what you’d pay in Munich. I was very glad to have a room awaiting me upstairs.

happy with room & easy of taking photos

The room was also good value.  Combined with the hiking in the area, I wouldn’t hesitate to return and include it in a future edition of Beer Hiking Bavaria.

Beers: Reindler Edel-Pils & Reindler Spezial Dunkel on tap. Bottled Reindler Gold Export, Reindler Landbier, Reindler Hefeweizen.

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