Reindler-Bräu Gold Export

golden beer in logo mug with bottle
Reindler Gold Export

Brewery: Reindler-Bräu
Color: deep golden

Head: white
, sudsy
Nose: malty, some hay

Body: medium

Palate: balanced, malty, hoppy

Finish: lingering, semi-dry, bitter

Served: from a bottle at the Brauereigasthof Reindler

Impression: I was afraid I’d made the wrong choice in first beers with the Weizen as this Export was said to be their sweet beer but it’s surprisingly hoppy too. The nose is full of malt and grass with a hint of hops but they more than kick in not soon after, making for another fairly hoppy affair with fair bitterness throughout. Still, a nicely balanced beer if you like hops, definitely more an Export than the Märzen I was mistakenly expecting. A good session beer at 5.1%.

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