Brauerei Wagner

merkendorf wagner exterior
Pointstraße 1
96117 Merkendorf
Tel: 09542-620

Bamberg Station 10 km/Buses available

Opening hours:
Closed Monday
Daily from 9
Closed first three weeks of August

Output: 17000 HL

Founded in 1797, this bustling village brewery has been in the same family ever since. Their cozy eatery with full warm meals daily would be reason enough for a visit but the always growing collection of beers is another good excuse to make a pilgrimage to Merkendorf.  It took me longer than it should have to make it here and I must say, I was ill-prepared for the number of good beers on tap. I’d mistakenly thought two new breweries would be a good idea for my birthday. I wisely ordered their mixed meat plate even though I’d eaten a fair sized lunch in Bamberg earlier and was planning on dinner at Brauerei Hummel around the corner.

A couple of the Wagner brews and their mixed meat plate

I returned in late winter to finally complete the 13-Brauerienweg over a two-day stretch so only had time for one beer, and the Lagerbier it was. It’s a great way to start your tour and an easy drinking balanced brew.

Wagner Lagerbier and it’s cosy pub

I recently returned while trying out a new route for a beer hiking tour I’m offering. It was nice to get to Merkendorf in a warmer month and though not nice enough for the Biergarten, I at least saw it. I had an incredible Julibäumsbier too.

 Beers: Pils, unfiltered Lagerbier, Märzen, Dunkel, Festbier, Weissbier, Kupfertisch Rotbier

Beer calendar:

  • Kirchweich is the second Sunday after Maria Himmelfahrt
  • Bockbier Hell & Dunkel in November and December
  • Jubiläumsbier for an anniversary

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