Brauerei Prechtel

brewery exterior
Hauptstraße 24
91486 Uehlfeld
Tel: 09163/228

Neustadt (Aisch) Station 17 km/limited bus service

Opening hours:
Closed Monday

Warm food September to April 11:00 to 13:30 & 18:00 to 21:00

May to August 11:00 to 13:30 (after that, go to the Keller!)

Output: 1500 HL

Founded in 1900, this is still very much a family enterprise with the brewer’s mother still serving beers at the Keller in summer.  Right in the center of the small town, the bus stops across the street from the bustling little brewery.  Even on a cold weekend in October, the place was busy and the town was bigger than I expected.

I had wanted to come here for a long time but mostly to check out the nearby Bierkeller also operated by Prechtel.  I took a chance in October only to find out the outside venue is only open until late September. To be honest, with the way the weather was, it wouldn’t have been open anyway!  At any rate, the cozy brewery did just fine.

Unfortunately, the Kellerbier seems to only be available on tap at the Keller so had to settle for their Hopfenstoff, which was good but not quite what I was looking for after having come quite a long way. I noticed locals (and the bartender) were drinking the Kellerbier from bottles so opted for that next. I was glad I did as it was far superior.

beer in ceramic mug with bottlePrechtel Kellerbier is one of the best

The food menu was extensive and I was hungry. I deliberated on getting carp, the specialty of the area but it was cold and I wanted something more warming so opted for the Rauchbraten, a smoked ham with dumplings. It took forever and I saw countless plates of carp being served and started to wonder if the bartender had forgotten my order.  It turned out there was a huge busload in the next room and my food finally arrived and I was glad I had ordered what I did as it really was amazing.

Raucherbraten & their Kerwabier

On the way back from the toilet, I noticed a sign for their Kerwabier. It turned out the festival was the following weekend but they had it in bottles already. It was a marvelous malty brew and a perfect way to finish the meal.

I finally got back to their Voggendorfer Felsenkeller and it was worth the wait. The Kellerbier was on tap as I’d hoped and great stuff too.

Beers: Hopfenstoff, Schnapperla (their unfiltered Kellerbier), Schmankerl Weiße.

Beer calendar:
Starkbier from the beginning of March (Lent)
Kerwabier from the beginning of October
Weihnachtsbier from the beginning of December
Other special changing beers include: Rotes Bier, 4-Korn-Winterbier, Störchla-Pils, Honigbier.

Tag des Bieres is April 23rd
Kellerbergkerwa is at the Bierkeller on the first weekend in July
Brauereifest is the third weekend in August with antique cars
Kirchweih is the third weekend in October

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