Kellerberg Voggendorf

uehlfeld voggendorf keller
Voggendorf 23
91486 Uehlfeld
Tel: 09163/441

A nice scenic 1 km walk from Brauerei Prechtel

Opening hours only from April to the last weekend in September:
Closed in bad weather
Monday to Thursday from 5:00
Friday & Saturday from 3:00
Sunday & holidays from 11:00

This was the real reason I wanted to come to Uehfeld but a summer visit was not meant to be on this trip. Even though I knew it was closed, it was on the Uehlfelder Storchen-Lehrpfad, an educational walk that takes you by not only stork nesting areas but also educational signs in German about such things. It also goes by some carp ponds. It’s a flat 7.5 km walk and it was a good way to walk off my lunch, as well as let me check out the Bierkeller for future reference. I walked to the Keller first in case I didn’t want to do the whole walk but it was an easy walk and interesting enough so completed the whole thing.

The Bierkeller looked good and with an elevated perch, had nice rural views.  Most interesting was across from the entrance were old disused actual kellers where the beer would have been stored prior to refrigeration. Generally, they were dispensed right from the caves for optimal cooling.  I’ve seen nicer Bierkellers but the chance to drink Prechtel Kellerbier on tap is reason enough to return next summer!

One of the more scenic parts of the Uehlfelder Storchen-Lehrpfad

Beers: Prechtel Kellerbier on tap, Weizen.

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