Brauerei Gundel

Nördlinger Straße 15
91126 Kammerstein (Barthelmesaurach)
Tel: 09178 15 04

Schwabach Station 10km/limited bus service

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 7:00 to 17:00
Saturday 8:00 to 13:00

Output: 2500 HL

Founded in 1602 and in the Gundel family since 1887, this small brewery produces a fair range of relatively hoppy beers and has a fair reach in their area. The closest thing to a brewery tap is “Gasthaus Gundel,” just up the street, which has been run by another family since 1997 but still has their flagship beer on tap along with a range of bottles. The brewery has a delivery ramp if you want to bring beers home. It’s mostly used by people in cars who are picking up cases but the owner didn’t seem to mind me walking up and getting a few singles. She even charged me the regular price no less!

some of the bottles I brought home

Beers: Gundel Urhell, Gundel Pils, Gundel Dunkles Gold, Gundel Zwickelt´s, Gundel Nimm´s leicht

Beer calendar:
Fastenbock during Lent

Jubelbier from April 23rd
Sommerliebe from July 15th

Weihnachtsbier during Christmas season
Weihnachtsbock during Christmas season

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