Gasthaus Gundel

Nördlinger Str. 14
91126 Kammerstein (Barthelmesaurach)

Tel: 09178 1503

Schwabach Station 10km/limited bus service

Opening hours:
Closed Monday
Daily  11:00 to 14:30 & 17:00 to 24:00 (warm food until 21:00)

Similar to Ammerndorfer’s Zur Sonne, Gasthaus Gundel has a long history but has been run by a Greek family since 1997. It lacks some of the charm of the latter as it’s not housed in a half-timbered house but it’s a fine old stone building. The interior is more updated but again lacks some of the old world feeling in the process.  The “Biergarten” area was an open patio with umbrellas so again a notch below on atmosphere.

Gasthaus Gundel in the modern era

All that said, the food was excellent and once the owner saw I was there to drink more than one beer and to eat my share, he warmed up to me and even gave me an ouzo at the end! I started off with the Gulaschsuppe and it was a spicy one. I helped stem the fire with the surprisingly hoppy Gundel Urhell.

Gundel Urhell & a spicy Gulaschsuppe

I couldn’t decide what to get so opted for the Athina-Platte, a mixture of Greek delights. It was massive and quite good but I needed a second Urhell to help polish it off. I was disappointed to find out it was the only beer on tap but I had some time to kill before my bus so I got the bottled Gundel Dunkles Gold and was happy I had.

 Athina-Platte & Gundel Dunkles Gold

While they didn’t have as many beers on tap as Zur Sonne, I’d have to say I liked the Gundel Urhell better than any of the Ammerndorfer beers. The Dunkles was even better and I made sure to pick up a few bottles at the brewery to bring home. 

I’ll admit to being initially disappointed to hear this was yet another Greek restaurant but the food was really excellent and the beer well-poured and in logo glasses. They all came out looking great so better than quite a few “real” Franconian pubs I’ve been to in the last few months.

Beers: Gundel Urhell on tap. Bottled Gundel Dunkles Gold, Gundel Pils, Gundel Zwickelt’s

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