Barthelmesaurach is pretty little hamlet on the Aurach River which was founded in the latter part of the 8th century though its name Barthelsmes Aurach only dates back to 1355. Featuring some half-timbered houses, the St. Bartholomew Church and the stone Alte Aurachbrücke, it’s yet another one of those places you drive through thinking you should have a short walk around but never do.

the small hamlet of Barthelmesaurach

Of course, if you are the type seeking out small regional breweries, you just might. Brauerei Gundel is big player in the relatively small market, rivaling nearby Spalter Bier. Their restaurant “Gasthaus Gundel” is just up the street and while only loosely associated with the brewery and serving primarily Greek food, they do have their flagship beer on tap along with a selection of their bottled beer.

Gasthaus Gundel

Brauerei Gundel

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