Beer Hiking Prague & Czechia? Why not.

Though I’ve been to Prague many times since my virgin trip in 1997 and have even traveled fairly extensively around the admittedly small country, I never gave much thought to hiking there. The towns and villages were charming, people warm and friendly but I’d be lying if I were to say I wasn’t mainly there for the beer.

 So many reasons to love Prague

Since publishing Beer Hiking Bavaria with Swiss-based Helvetiq, I’ve been lobbying for a Czech equivalent and after a few years, they seem to be warming to the idea. The beer was an easy sell but it was only after e-mailing with a Polish Beerwanderers fan who has hiked extensively in Czech that I realized how many good trails there are too. With a long weekend in Prague at hand, I found a route through the silent valley to much beloved Únětický pivovar.

an early train to Roztoky set the stage

My wife worked with a woman from Prague in my hometown in NJ of all places about 20 years ago and we’ve kept in touch over the years. Seeing them has always been fun but with their having two young children, not always as easy as we’d like to find appropriate things to do together. A “beer” hike sounded perfect to them and we were happy they joined us for the occasion.

a lovely stroll with a lovely family

It was a lovely 4 km one-way walk, made the better for their company and gorgeous weather. With a good mix of shady riverside strolling, open fields and even a short climb to a viewpoint, we were upon the Pivovar in no time. The kids were a joy on the hike and during lunch as well. I’m not sure if all Czechs are so good at parenting but our friends have certainly done something right. The local cold pickled sausage Utopenci was excellent and hit the spot. The beer? I can tell you it was not only a beer worth the walk but the walk as always enticed the enjoyment of it. That’s what makes beer hiking the most refreshing way to discover your next brewery.  Beer Hiking Prague & Czech? Why not.

a beer (and meal) worth the walk!

Únětický pivovar
Rýznerova 19
252 62 Únětice-Horoměřice, CZ

4 thoughts on “Beer Hiking Prague & Czechia? Why not.

  1. Total coincidence- I’ll be in Prague June 6-8.(before heading to Franconia Switzerland and will be trying one of the beer hikes and several Kelley’s). Not sure I’ll have time to hike in Prague thoughl

    1. It’s taken me awhile to get to it but glad it might be timely. It’s a short trip from Prague and worth it but if your first time in town, probably better spent hitting the city pubs. Have a great trip.

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