Kaufbeuren Zoigl

amber beer in mug with coaster
Kaufbeuren Zoigl

Brewery: Communebrauerei
Town: Kaufbeuren
Color: amber
, unfiltered
white, thinning
Nose: malty, slightly grainy, underlying hops

medium, soft
Palate: balanced, nicely integrated grain, underlying hops

Finish: clean, semi-dry, semi-bitter

Served: on tap at Zoigl Kaufbeuren Ausschank

Impression:  This isn’t part of the Echte Zoigl group but now that I’ve been to all the “real” Zoiglstuben, I start to look at others when it’s convenient. This one was and I have to say not only was the Zoiglstuben really nice and traditional but the Zoigl was better than at least a couple of the Echte ones. That it’s in Kaufbeuren, only an hour away from where I live is definitely a plus. It’s very balanced with a great malty profile due to five malts being used. The grain element shines through and there’s enough hops in the mix to make for a clean, semi-dry, semi-bitter finish. Worth seeking out if in the area.

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