Zoiglstube Fiedlschneider


Zoiglstube Fiedlschneider
Stadtplatz 15
92670 Windischeschenbach
Tel: 0152 / 295 802 71
Web: www.fiedlschneider-zoigl.de

Opening hours:
to Monday from 2:00

(check Zoigl calendar for open weekends, but no longer in Echte group)

This was a brief stop as we’d already eaten at Beim Binner up the road and the entire visit was a short lunch stop on the way home from visiting family. It was a comfy looking place inside but the outside area was the real charmer, with lots of flowers and cute little tables set up in case you didn’t want to sit communally.  There was also a nice overhang in case the weather isn’t nice but it sure was the day we stopped.

Zoiglstube Fiedlschneider was cozy inside and out

We only had time for a quick Zoigl but hope to get back again to sample some of their food. It has left the Echte Zoigl group but remains open. Most report it has the least consistent and perhaps worst Zoigl in town.

Fiedlschneider Zoigl

Beer: Fiedlschneider Zoigl

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