When your own backyard has mountains

Sometimes you don’t appreciate your own backyard. You don’t even go out in it for long stretches, especially in winter. Often it takes a little coaxing. This was the case recently when I was nudged by the need to do a little beer hiking research for my book Beer Hiking Bavaria. While Maxlrainer beers have always impressed me, I must say going to the brewery seemed a bit convoluted without a car but on looking for hiking trails in the area, I found a nice circuit with the brewery and its castle right on it.

Maxlrainer brewery and its namesake castle

The route was relatively flat and a lot more scenic than I’d expected. The mountains are quite close and it was a particularly clear day so you felt like you were right in them.


Though flat, it was a fair hike out there and I was more than happy to see the Biergarten open with a few people sitting outside enjoying a beer.  I was about to sit down and decided it was cooler than it felt while walking. I was planning on a meal and had heard the interior was atmospherically Old World.

Maxlrainer’s Biergarten in winter & their atmospheric restaurant

I was not disappointed once seated, and even scored a table in the sun. Service was swift with traditionally-clad personnel. The roast pork and dumpling was particularly tasty after the trek and their Schwarzbier divine. It was truly a beer worth the walk.

The walk back was more relaxed but equally stunning. The roads less traveled are often the best, especially when they’re in your own backyard.


Details on beer and hiking in the area available in my book, Beer Hiking Bavaria oder auf Deutsch: Bierwandern Bayern.

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