Der Dunkle Reh-Bock

Der Dunkle Reh-Bock

Brauerei Reh
dark amber
rocky, off-whte
Body: full
-bodied, medium carbonation
rich malt, some spiciness
Finish: clean, bittersweet

Served: from a bottle bought in Franconia

Impression: I’ve walked by this brewery a few times and either it wasn’t open or I didn’t have time to stop.  It’s on the 13-Brewery Trail so worth stopping if doing the walk.  They now have expanded hours but it’s just an area of the brewery where you can buy and drink their beer onsite. There isn’t a restaurant or food. So, I was happy to see quite a few of their beers in a large Franconian beer store when shopping their recently.  Since I mostly drink beer on tap, it was interesting to see the different breweries’ labels and Reh’s were nice. This one was perfect for Christmas with a small reindeer (reh).  It poured with a massive head which lasted pretty well for a beer of 7.1% strength. It looked beautiful but I was disappointed by the faint malty nose.  That said, it had a rich malty palate and was far less cloying than many of its south Bavarian counterparts. The finish was quite clean and nicely bittersweet.

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